Welcome to Colossus
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Our goal is to become the destination to learn about business building and investing, with a focus on delivering lessons through definitive conversations.

We are focused on conversations because in sixty minutes with a guest, you can capture what might take years to capture in a book. Everyone gets writer’s block, but no one gets talker's block.

What to expect

To begin, we will be releasing two conversations per week, hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy. Soon, we will expand to new hosts who will help us explore all aspects of the business world. We think of each conversation as a block being added to a tower of knowledge. We are building this tower so that you can learn faster and more efficiently. Search and discovery, therefore, are very important to us. So every new episode comes with a carefully edited transcript. We’ve also built lightning-fast search so you can find all episodes that cover a topic of interest to you, whether that is Netflix, competitive advantage, of sales. In the months and years to come, we will keep refining the process, adding more great conversations, and more software tools to help you learn.

Who we are

Colossus was founded by Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Damian Brychcy, Joe Berg and another person to be named soon. We will be expanding the team in 2021, so if you are an engineer, designer, or business person interested in what we are building, we welcome you to start a conversation with us today by emailing [email protected]. The primary job requirement is that you be insatiably curious about business and investing.

Why "Colossus"?

The name and logo are inspired by Tim Urban’s post on the history of human knowledge. In it, he refers to the growing tower of human knowledge as “the human colossus.” We are going to build a tower, too, adding units of knowledge every week, block by block. The Colossus—our collective knowledge—is what makes humans distinct as a species. It is the root of progress. It will be our constant reminder to add blocks to the tower ourselves, and to give others the tools to do so with us.