The Next Chapter
Colossus® - January 31, 2021
TLDR - We are hiring a Lead React Native Developer, a Front-end / Full Stack Developer, a UX Designer, a Head of Content, and a Business Operations Associate to accelerate our mission of becoming the leading destination to learn about business and investing.

Check out each role for the application requirements. We are fully remote company and welcome anyone within +/- 3 hours of Eastern Time and a deep passion for learning (particularly about business and investing).

What We Are Building

Our mission is to become the leading destination to learn about business building and investing.

At Colossus, we want to produce the best content in the business and investing world and the best place to discover, search and consume that content. To fulfill our mission we are now hiring a handful of roles to accelerate our content production and build the best audio player to learn from that content.

Content - A New Way to Learn About Businesses

At Colossus, we are obsessed with what makes businesses tick. Why do some succeed while others fail? How do you build competitive advantage? What are the strategies a given business pioneered that have made it unique and successful?

But when we search for answers to these questions on a business we love, we can rarely find the answers. We don’t want introductory, high level learning materials meant for a general audience. We also don’t want to read boring sell-side research reports. We need something that’s the best of both worlds: built for smart investing professionals and entrepreneurs, but enjoyable and easy to consume.

In March we will be launching a new podcast series to deliver exactly that. Each episode will be a 30-60 minute conversation between a host and guest which explore a single business, industry or concept in detail (think Costco, Music Labels, or Network Effects).

If helping us design story lines, source guests, create great content, and build a process to explore hundreds of businesses over the next year excites you check out our Head of Content and Business Operations Associate positions.

Product - A Custom Audio Learning App

People listen to audio mostly on their phones, that is where we need to live. But the podcast players that we all use are one-size-fits-all.

They have generic functionality. They are built to consume podcasts, not learn from them.

We want to rebuild a new learning application from first principles. It must be fast, it must remove frictions from the user experience, it must enhance your learning experience, and it must be personalized to the individual.

We know this is an ambitious project but the opportunity to create an incredible, efficient learning experience to learn from our content is one we cannot pass up.

Open Roles

Lead React Native Engineer - you’ve built iOS/Android apps with React Native before and now want to build an incredible audio learning app from the ground up. You will drive the build of our app and work with the team to make it a reality. You will have a ton of autonomy but all the support you need to make it amazing.

Front-end / Full Stack Engineer - you are an experienced engineer who wants to build incredible products while shaping the engineering culture of our small company. You are excited to work with leading edge technologies and help make our mission a reality.

User Experience Designer - you are a talented designer who wants to shape a startup from the ground-up: creating our visual identity, designing our user interface from scratch, and making our content and products beautiful.