Released March 18th, 2022
Jenkins - Jenkins the Valet
Jenkins is the creator of Jenkins the Valet. We cover how Jenkins developed the story around the digital character, how this character evolved into its own being, and how that initial act of storytelling opened up an impressive amount of business opportunities.
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Colossus Research
Web3 Breakdowns: Jenkins the Valet
Learn about Jenkins' genesis and value proposition in our research prepared ahead of Eric's conversation with Jenkins.
Eric Golden - Bored Ape Yacht Club
Eric Golden is a former Portfolio Manager at Fidelity. We cover the Bored Ape Yacht Club in detail, use Bored Apes as a lens to understand how NFT projects are creating strong membership communities, and explore the tools projects are using to differentiate themselves.
Micah Johnson - A New Future for IP
Micah Johnson is the creator and artist of Aku Dreams. We cover how Micahs childhood inspired the story behind Aku, what he has learned from his success, and tips for artists in the space.
Jesse Walden - A Primer on NFTs
A conversation that covers the basics of what an NFT is, what new creative paradigms they may unlock, and where we are in the hype cycle.
Matthew Ball - The Future of Media: Movies, the Metaverse, and More
Matthew Ball is the Managing Partner of Epyllion Industries and the former head of strategy at Amazon Studios. We cover the past and future of media, video games, and the metaverse.
The Cutting Edge Ep 10 - Neil Strauss and Jenkins the Valet
A conversation with Neil Strauss and Jenkins the Valet discussing the Writer's Room, the first community-generative NFT book.
Colossus Research
A Guide to Designing Effective NFT Launches
A foundational guide to designing effective NFT launches from the team at Paradigm.
Go-to-Market in Web3: New Mindsets, Tactics, Metrics
An exploration of Web3 go-to-market strategies and how they compare to Web2.
The Web3 Renaissance: A Golden Age for Content
An exploration of digital scarcity, Patronage+, new programmable economic models, DAOs, and community ownership.
Our Fluid, Multi-Faceted, Pseudonymous Digital Identities
An exploration of Pseudonymity as a core pillar in Web3, and how that identity evolves.
Jenkins the Valet
A collection of articles on Jenkins the Valet