Released July 15th, 2022
Ben Clymer - Rolex: Timeless Excellence
Ben Clymer is the founder and executive chairman of HODINKEE. We cover the fascinating history of Rolex, the mechanics of the luxury watch market, and how Rolex marries manufacturing and marketing excellence to separate it from other brands.
Business Building
Private Company
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Colossus Research
Rolex Research
Read our research on Rolex's history, business model, and competitive positioning.
Peter Chernin - Betting on Passion
Peter Chernin is the co-founder of The Chernin Group. We cover lessons learned from his time running News Corp and Fox, how he has been able to identify powerful secular tailwinds across his varied career, and his thesis of investing in content that people are passionate enough to pay for.
Michael Duda - Investing In Brands
Michael Duda is a Managing Partner at Bullish Inc. We cover how to build a successful brand, the current landscape of advertising, and marketing strategies.
Chatting 10 Years of Watches with Hodinkee's Ben Clymer
A conversation with Ben on the evolution of the watch industry over the past 10 years and how social media drives consumer interest.
Hodinkee Radio
A series of weekly discussions on vintage and modern wristwatches.
Talking Watches with John Mayer
Ben's legendary conversation with John Mayer about his personal watch collection.
The Orphan Boy Who Created Rolex
An overview of Rolex’s fascinating history and the technical innovations and marketing strategies that have propelled its success.
A Concise History Of The Quartz Revolution
An overview of the Quartz revolution of the 1970s, where the advent cheap quartz-powered watches forced the Swiss watch industry to adapt.
Going Where Few Have Gone Before – Inside all 4 Rolex Manufacturing Facilities
Ben’s 2015 article describing his eye-opening experience touring Rolex’s facilities. Learn about why Rolex's business is so extraordinary.
What Does Price Mean When There’s No Supply?
Examines the supply and demand issues surrounding Rolex watches and the downstream impact on retail pricing and availability.
The Book of Rolex
An account of Rolex’s 100+ year history, its various designs and special models, and its vertically-integrated manufacturing process.
The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands
An outline of the unique strategic and branding considerations involved when building and marketing luxury brands.