Released March 11th, 2022
Diogo Monica - Anchorage Digital: Serving Institutional Crypto Needs
Diogo Monica is the co-founder and President of Anchorage Digital. We cover Anchorage’s business, explore what great digital security looks like, and reveal what new behaviors web3 is unlocking for traditional institutions.
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Colossus Research
Anchorage Digital
Learn about Anchorage's origin story, business model, and competitive position in our research prepared ahead of Patrick's conversation.
Nick Neuman - Becoming Your Own Bank
Nick Neuman is the CEO and co-founder of Casa. We cover the history of asset custody from ancient temples to decentralized ledgers, look at the mechanics of how private keys work, and explore why people are better off holding the keys themselves.
Hunter Horsley - Bitwise
Hunter Horsley is the co-founder of Bitwise. We cover his journey with the business, key lessons launching a business within the crypto space, and how Bitwise compares to traditional asset managers.
Crypto Payments and the DeFi Mullet | Visa's Cuy Sheffield and Anchorage's Diogo Mónica
An exploration of how crypto payments are extending beyond retail and into institutions, enabled by utilities provided by Anchorage.
Diogo Monica on Crypto Custody
A discussion on institutional custody requirements and the importance of a crypto strategy for banks.
Protecting Billion Dollar Institutional Crypto-Assets: An Interview with Aaron Lint of Anchorage Digital Bank and Leslie Ankney
A discussion on Anchorage’s view of DeFi innovation, regulation and security, and the future of finance.
Institutional Custody for Digital Assets: A Primer
A foundational primer on institutional custody of digital assets, describing the technology and current landscape.
Anchorage: The First Federally Chartered Digital Bank
Jeff Burke highlights Anchorage’s market opportunity and competitive landscape.