Released November 16th, 2021
Will Marshall - Indexing the Earth
Will Marshall is the co-founder and CEO of Planet. We cover the untold space story, how space is going through an internet moment where cost reductions and performance enhancements have led to a seismic shift in what’s possible above our atmosphere, and how that can drastically improve life on Earth through unique datasets like the one Planet is piecing together.
Public Equity
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Josh Wolfe - The Past, Present, and Future of Defense
Josh is the co-founder of Lux Capital. Tony, now a partner at Lux, is a retired 4-star General and 11th Commander of the US Special Operations Command. We cover the technology frontiers in defense, the future of semiconductors, and the most important trait of great leaders.
Tren Griffin - A Primer on Space: The Final Frontier
Tren Griffin is a director at Microsoft. We cover how our ground economy is enabled by space today, what excites him most about the opportunities in space, and how space compares to other network foundations.
Michael Dempsey - Investing in Bleeding Edge Technology
Michael is a Partner at Compound, a seed-stage venture fund based in New York. We cover the rise of virtual influencers, how to identify key inflection points in the evolution of new technologies, and why computational biology might be the single best technology bet right now.
Eli Dourado-Frontiers for Productivity
A discussion with Eli Dourado highlighting innovative technologies including space travel's disruptive opportunity in the stagnation trend.
Planet Labs CEO Will Marshall
Learn more about Will's background at NASA, Planet's business model and competitive advantages, and their recent SPAC merger.
The Importance of Space Lawyers
Professor von der Dunk illustrates how the world is unprepared for the legal implications of space travel.
TED: Tiny satellites that Photograph the Entire Planet, Every Day
Will Marshall's 2014 TED talk on Planet's mission and how they're building tiny satellites to execute their vision.
The Commercial Space Age Is Here
HBR explores the space-for-space economy and the dawning of the commercial space age led by SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic.
How satellites are finding the world’s hidden greenhouse gas emissions
Learn more about the use cases of Planet's satellites as it pertains to tackling climate change globally.
Satellite Imagery and Archive
An overview of Planet's satellites and images.
Visualizing All of Earth’s Satellites: Who Owns Our Orbit?
A nice visual representation of the breadth of the Earth's satellites including ownership and nations involved commercially.
Demystifying Earth Observation: The Multi-Billion Market* in Space Tech
A detailed look at the players in the earth observation space from infrastructure and acquisition angles.
Reddit AMA: Will Marshall
A Reddit ask me anything with Will answering wide ranging questions posed regarding Planet, satellites, and other topics.
Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX
The story of SpaceX, from a struggling start-up to one of the most powerful players in the aerospace industry.