Released June 7th, 2021
Gabriel Leydon - Designing Digital Economies
Gabe Leydon is the co-founder and former CEO of MZ, the company behind hit games such as Mobile Strike and Game of War. We cover why great design can actually be a bad sign, why he believes NFTs will create billionaire influencers, and how different cultures design games.
Business Building
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Jane McGonigal - How Games Make Life Better
A discussion with world renowned game designer around the principles for designing useful games and how gamification can impact society.
Jesse Walden - A Primer on NFTs
A conversation that covers the basics of what an NFT is, what new creative paradigms they may unlock, and where we are in the hype cycle.
Josh Buckley - Identifying Legendary Start-ups
Josh Buckley is the founder of Buckley Ventures and the CEO of Product Hunt. We cover why video game companies can give a glimpse of the future of business, how Josh views businesses as a set of systems, and the key attributes he looks for in startups when investing.
Chris Dixon - The Potential of Blockchain Technology
Chris is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz. We cover Chris's overall thesis for investing in the cryptocurrency space, the opportunities and limitations of blockchain applications, and why this is the most interesting area for investing and building over the next 10 years.
The Creator Economy: NFTs and Beyond
How musicians, artists, and writers can think about NFTs & social tokens, and how they can interact to unlock models that haven't existed.
How Super Mario Mastered Level Design
Game Designer Dan Emmons uses Super Mario to break down the mechanics of level design.
NFTs and a Thousand True Fans
An explanation of how NFTs change creator economics, allowing them to monetize their work more efficiently than ever before.
The Ownership Economy: Crypto & The Next Frontier of Consumer Software
A look at the potential of crypto and the disruptive models through protocol innovations that could change software business.
NFTs Make The Internet Ownable
A description of NFTs and why they might become the "port of entry" for every piece of media on the internet.
Reality is Broken
Jane McGonigaI explains the science behind why games are good for us--why they make us happier, more creative, and more resilient.
The Making of Prince of Persia
Using personal journals, this book gives the behind-the-scenes story of how one of the most beloved video games of all time was created.
One Up: Creativity, Competition, and the Global Business of Video Games
An analysis of innovation and strategy in the video game industry to explain how it has evolved from a fringe activity to become mainstream.