Released April 27th, 2021
Josh Buckley - Identifying Legendary Start-ups
Josh Buckley is the founder of Buckley Ventures and the CEO of Product Hunt. We cover why video game companies can give a glimpse of the future of business, how Josh views businesses as a set of systems, and the key attributes he looks for in startups when investing.
Business Building
Professional Investors
Venture Capital
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Jane McGonigal - How Games Make Life Better
A discussion with world renowned game designer around the principles for designing useful games and how gamification can impact society.
Rahul Vohra - Using Emotion to Design Great Products
A chat with the Founder & CEO of Superhuman about the idea of using game design & emotion in building products.
How Super Mario Mastered Level Design
Game Designer Dan Emmons uses Super Mario to break down the mechanics of level design.
The Complete History and Strategy of Epic Games
An in-depth review of the history and strategy of Epic Games, one of the leading gaming companies pioneering the future of the internet.
Secure the BaaG
Packy McCormick outlines how converging trends in the digital world could potentially allow people to run Business-as-a-Game (BaaG).
The Ownership Economy: Crypto & The Next Frontier of Consumer Software
A look at the potential of crypto and the disruptive models through protocol innovations that could change software business.
The Noodle Theory
An exploration of how games keep users engaged by artficially boosting a player's ability even if their skill level has plateaued.
Reality is Broken
Jane McGonigaI explains the science behind why games are good for us--why they make us happier, more creative, and more resilient.