Released February 15th, 2022
Joey Levin - Building an Anti-Conglomerate
Joey Levin is the CEO of IAC, a holding company that builds world-class digital businesses. We cover how he approaches capital allocation, why he tries to avoid centralization between businesses, and what he has learned from working with Barry Diller.
Business Building
Public Equity
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Modest Proposal - Better, Cheaper, Faster: Why Companies that Reduce Friction Win
The pseudonymous Modest Proposal is one of the most respected thinkers on financial Twitter. We cover the frameworks he uses to analyze today's stock market, the impacts of COVID on businesses, and break down what makes InterActiveCorp (IAC) such a unique company.
Brad Gerstner, Rich Barton - Thriving in Changing Markets
Brad is the founder of Altimeter Capital. Rich is the founder/CEO of Zillow and also founded Expedia & Glassdoor. We cover Rich’s “power to the people” strategy, going public through SPACs vs. IPOs, and using big hairy audacious goals to build a great company.
Ben Gilbert - Lessons on Early Stage Investing and Getting Acquired
Ben and David are investors and the duo behind the Acquired podcast. We cover some of the greatest corporate acquisitions of all time, discuss what makes acquisitions successful, and talk over the investing lessons Ben and David have learned across their careers.
IAC CEO Joey Levin Interview
Joey offers insights into MGM, Vimeo, Turo, Care, and other IAC businesses as well as how they evaluate new opportunities.
The Infinite Learner, with Barry Diller
Media titan and IAC founder Barry Diller shares the value of embracing the unknown, and the successes resulting from a lifetime of learning.
Anjali Sud Vimeo CEO
Learn about the success story of IAC company Vimeo as it pivoted from streaming to software.
How I Built This: Angie's List
Learn about the founding story of well-known IAC company, Angie's List, the online review and referral service.
Former CEO Hatch Labs Dinesh Moorjani
A case study featuring an experienced CEO and startup investor that details Tinder’s journey and the insights gained from it.
How the remnants of are stealthily taking over the internet
Learn more about IAC company Dotdash and its rich history navigating through the digital publishing and content industry.
Not Fade Away: A Short Life Well Lived
Learn about the life, values, and heroic personal journey of Peter Barton, the founder and CEO of Liberty Media.