Released June 2nd, 2021
Nick Greenfield - Invisalign: Patents, Patients, Profits
Nick Greenfield is the CEO of Candid, an e-commerce solution to teeth aligners. We cover how Invisalign has come to dominate share in the clear aligner industry, the unit economics across the value chain of orthodontics, and the potential avenues for Invisalign to continue its growth.
Business Building
Public Equity
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Dentistry Uncensored: Joe Hogan, CEO of Align Technology
Interview with Align Technology CEO, Joe Hogan, discussing Align's path to leading the industry in clear aligners and digital dentistry.
AIligner Insider: Joe Hogan, President & CEO of Align Technology
An interview with Joe Hogan on the state of orthodontics, trends in the market, and what to look forward to from Invisalign.
Align Technology Delivers Mass Customization with 3D Printing
A look into how Align Technology uses 3D printing to deliver each unique aligner custom to each patient’s dental data on a mass scale.
Financial Model
Align Technologies Financial Model
See every KPI that matters with Canalyst's up-to-date fundamental model on Align Technologies.
Clear Aligners: The Evolution of the Business Model
An analysis of the pros and cons of the different business models in the clear aligner industry.
A Complete History of Invisalign
The history of Invisalign from its founding in 1997 and the impact it has had on the orthodontics industry.
How Invisalign transformed a medical device into a consumer experience
A review of Invisalign's strategy to become more of a consumer brand instead of relying on the consumer experience provided by ortho's.