Released March 30th, 2022
Romeen Sheth - McKinsey & Company: The First Management Consultants
Romeen Sheth is the President of Metasys Technologies. We dive deep into the management consulting business model, the history of the firm, and their underrated marketing strategy.
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McKinsey Research
Read our research on McKinsey' history, business model, and competitive positioning.
Going Long: Bob Sternfels, McKinsey
Learn about McKinsey's focus on sustainability, and what it means to deliver a "holistic impact" to its clients.
Top episodes from McKinsey’s podcasts
Listen to prominent business leaders share their thoughts on management, strategy, and talent on McKinsey's in-house podcast.
Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company – Wharton Leadership Lecture
A conversation with a former Managing Director at McKinsey about the lessons and experiences gathered from his journey through the firm.
BCG vs. Bain vs. McKinsey - What's The Difference In Cultures?
Explores the different cultures and recruiting methods of the main players in the management consulting industry.
The Future of Consulting (Round 1)
A look at the history of the consulting industry, how it has evolved, and what its future looks like.
11 Notes on McKinsey
A look at the origin of McKinsey, how it compares to its competitors, and how it built its brand.
The Firm: The Story of McKinsey and Its Secret Influence on American Business
This book offers a deep dive into the history and evolution of McKinsey, and explores the successes and failures of the firm.
The McKinsey Way
A former McKinsey associate shares insights from the firm's techniques to help clients in problem solving, communication and management.
Lords of Strategy: The Secret Intellectual History of the New Corporate World
A look at how corporate strategy has evolved since the 1960s, with perspectives on the roles played by consulting firms.