Released April 29th, 2022
Fredrik Haga - Crypto’s Data Dashboard
Fredrik Haga is the co-founder and CEO of Dune. We cover the early origins of Dune, whether or not there will be a native $DUNE token, and Dune’s data treasure trove.
Business Building
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Colossus Research
Web3 Breakdowns Research: Dune Analytics
Learn about Dune's history and business model in this report, prepared ahead of Eric's conversation with Fredrik.
Ari Paul - The Evolution of Crypto Investing
Ari Paul is the co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital. We cover cryptocurrency valuation frameworks, parallels between the NFT and DeFi cycles, and his perspectives on various blockchain asset classes.
Chris Dixon - The Potential of Blockchain Technology
Chris is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz. We cover Chris's overall thesis for investing in the cryptocurrency space, the opportunities and limitations of blockchain applications, and why this is the most interesting area for investing and building over the next 10 years.
John Pfeffer - Adapt and Evolve
John Pfeffer was a partner at private equity firm KKR in the 2000s, and now invests his own money through his private family office, Pfeffer Capital. We cover the difference between value creation and value capture, why John has made such a big bet on one asset, and why adaptation has become more important than ever.
Dune Analytics: The Secret Weapon of Top Crypto Investors - Fredrik Haga
Fredrik, CEO & Co-Founder of Dune explains how analysts generate alpha from on-chain data, and why dashboards are the new financial reports
On-Chain Analytics Show ETH Accumulation Is Greater Than That of BTC
Fredrik, co-founder & CEO at Dune Analytics, and Richard, GP at 1confirmation discuss on-chain analytics, NFTs, DeFi, ETH, and layer 2s.
Tom Schmidt - Evolution of crypto data - The Weekly Wizard #7
Tom, General Partner at Dragonfly speaks about the history of on-chain data querying and making decisions on which data points to track.
Started From The Bottom - From Nobody to Unicorn in 3 Years
The incredible story of Dune's founding and funding journey, shared in the aftermath of Dune's $69.420M Series B raise.
Dune: The Data Must Flow
An exploration of Dune Analytics’ challenging journey, the business model, the wizards who are at the heart of Dune’s model, and the future.
The Future of Finance is Real-Time Reporting
Multicoin's thesis on Dune, its business model and potential, and the future of financial reporting & market-driven insights.
Investment Memo
Decentralized Finance (DeFi): A Primer for Professional Investors
Bitwise's excellent primer on the evolving landscape and opportunity set in DeFi.