Released July 12th, 2022
Alice Bentinck - Building a Start-Up Machine
Alice Bentinck is a co-founder of Entrepreneur First. We cover how EF helps talented entrepreneurs find co-founders, what markers of success to screen for in candidates, and why there aren't more incubators like EF.
Venture Capital
Professional Investors
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Matt Clifford - Investing Pre Company
Matt Clifford is the co-founder of Entrepreneur First, the world’s leading talent investor. We cover why technology entrepreneurship is the next step in the history of ambition, how management companies can create value for entrepreneurs, and why talent is the scarcest resource.
Charlie Songhurst - Lessons from Investing in 483 Companies
Charlie is an investor and the former head of strategy at Microsoft. We cover what kills startups at each phase of their funding, the importance of recruiting the best people, and how boring investments can be successful.
Michael Seibel - Lessons from Thousands of Startups
Michael Seibel is a Partner at Y Combinator and the CEO of YC’s startup accelerator. We cover what he looks for in Y Combinator applicants, frameworks to identify problems worth solving as an entrepreneur, and what it feels like to find product-market fit.
The Rise of Modernity
Matt Clifford discusses the bear case for creativity, what traits to look for when investing, and the role of geography on entrepreneurship.
Successful Co-Founder Dynamics
Alice and Matt discuss the journey of building their business and network, and what working together has taught them about co-founders.
A Guide to Building Breakthroughs
A long form article from the "Starting Greatness" newsletter guiding startup founders on how to build the future through breakthrough ideas.
The Story of Tractable
This account of the first unicorn to emerge from Entrepreneur First covers EF's role in its success and key takeaways for other founders.
2022 VC Market Update
A series of graphs outlining the state of valuations and other trends in VC.
The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Art of Disruption
Breaks down some of the biggest deals and companies in the world to try and find common themes and patterns and create rules for success.
Super Founders: What Data Reveals About Billion-Dollar Startups
An examination of the heuristics that can help indicate whether startup founders are destined for success.