Released March 22nd, 2022
Gaurav Kapadia - Everything Compounds
Gaurav Kapadia is the founder of investment firm XN. We cover his approach to building XN around a culture of rigor and kindness, how he finds remarkable businesses to invest in, and the imperative to increase diversity and inclusivity in the industry.
Professional Investors
Private Equity
Public Equity
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Will Thorndike - How Skilled Capital Allocators Compound Capital
Will Thorndike is an author and investor whose book The Outsiders is one of the best examinations of CEOs and capital allocation. We cover how these CEOs were contrarians in business tactics, lessons for business capital allocation, and Will's experience in private equity.
Eric Mandelblatt - Investing in the Industrial Economy
Eric Mandelblatt is the founder and CIO of Soroban Capital. We cover how the global push towards decarbonization could have massive impacts on the industrial economy, the supply and demand forces at work in commodities production, and why energy and materials represent such a small share of the market today.
Brad Gerstner- Public and Private Investing
A conversation with Brad Gerstner on lifecycle investing and discussing investment opportunities in Internet-enabled businesses.
Howie Liu (Airtable) - Building Startups, Fast and Slow
Hear from the CEO of Airtable on advice he has for innovators who seek to create complex products that can’t be prototyped quickly.
Why Dinakar Singh Soured on Hedge Funds and What He's Doing Now
Hear from Gaurav's mentor at TPG Axon, as he describes rediscovering what it takes to succeed as an equity long-short investor.
Amp Robotics
A short overview of the AMP Robotics business, an AI and robotics company looking to disrupt the recycling industry.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Private Equity – How A Rapid Digitalisation Is Changing PE
A look at how digitization is changing the private equity space, and the risks associated with increasing digitization.
Investment Memo
Nomad Investment Partners Letters Compilation
A renowned collection of bi-annual investment letters from Nick Sleep and Nomad Capital Partners from 2001 to 2014.
The Theory of Incentives: The Principal-Agent Model
Focusing on the principle agent model, this book discusses tools to design institutions that can ensure good incentives for economic agents.