Released January 25th, 2022
Gavin Baker - The Cyclone Under the Surface
Gavin Baker is the managing partner and CIO of Atreides Management. We cover the current state of growth equities, the disconnect between private and public markets, and how semiconductors have evolved.
Professional Investors
Public Equity
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Gavin Baker - Tech and Consumer Growth Investing
Gavin is the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Atreides Management, L.P. We cover the most important technology and consumer trends for the future, uncover their parallels in history, and dive deep into the video game industry.
Gavin Baker - Investing Through a Bear Market
Gavin is the founder and CIO of Atreides Management, LP. We cover the ways COVID has dramatically altered the investment landscape, what the different stages of bear markets entail, and which sectors or businesses might emerge as long-term winners from COVID's chaos.
Jay Hoag - Calibrating Market Adoption
Jay Hoag is the co-founder of TCV. We cover his own journey founding TCV, what advice he has for visionaries, and why he sees advantages for private to public crossover investors.
Carl Kawaja - Wisdom from Decades of Investing
Carl Kawaja is a long-time portfolio manager at Capital Group. We cover Carl’s criteria for building conviction around long-term holdings, his views on uncertainty, and his belief that failure is key to a great investing career.
AI Tailwinds With Semis
A Koyfin interview with Gavin highlighting the semiconductor market, with a focus on those companies involved in the development of AI.
Why making chips is so hard
An overview of the semiconductor industry and the major bottlenecks it currently faces.
Microsoft and the Metaverse
Ben Thompson's argument on how work-based VR may be the first big Metaverse opportunity.
One Thing That Matters Is Inflation
Gavin explains how hundreds of years of history show that inflation and deflation are some of the biggest structural risks for markets.
How Inflation Swindles the Equity Investor
Warren Buffett's famous 1977 article outlining his models for how and why inflation tends to lead to lower equity returns.
Gavin Baker Medium Articles
A collection of Gavin's long-form written thoughts on the investing world.
A Wizard of Earthsea
A sci-fi novel known as a precursor to Harry Potter, with the main theme being that ego is the root of most failures.
A sci-fi classic that is a stunning blend of adventure and mysticism, environmentalism and politics.