Released September 15th, 2021
Aleksander Larsen, Stephen McKeon - Sky Mavis: The Builders behind Axie Infinity
Aleksander Larsen is the co-founder of Sky Mavis, and Stephen McKeon is a Partner at Collab+Currency, an early investor in Sky Mavis. We cover Axie Infinity's economic model, the importance of gameplay vs. the economic ecosystem, and examine Axie's sustainability from various angles.
Business Building
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Colossus Research
Axie Infinity: Business Breakdowns Research
An overview of Axie Infinity and the team behind the hit game that covers the Axie ecosystem, financial model, and competitive position.
Chris Dixon - The Potential of Blockchain Technology
Chris is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz. We cover Chris's overall thesis for investing in the cryptocurrency space, the opportunities and limitations of blockchain applications, and why this is the most interesting area for investing and building over the next 10 years.
Gabriel Leydon - Designing Digital Economies
Gabe Leydon is the co-founder and CEO of MZ, the company behind hit games such as Mobile Strike and Game of War. We cover why great design can actually be a bad sign, why he believes NFTs will create billionaire influencers, and how different cultures design games.
Gabby Dizon - Mapping the Metaverse Economy
Gabby Dizon is the co-founder of Yield Guild Games. We cover YGG’s decentralized structure, the unit economics of its business model, and how Gabby thinks about the volatility of crypto assets when trying to build a durable, long-term business.
Matthew Ball - The Future of Media: Movies, the Metaverse, and More
Matthew Ball is the Managing Partner of Epyllion Industries and the former head of strategy at Amazon Studios. We cover the past and future of media, video games, and the metaverse.
Justin Drake - Ethereum: Into the Ether
Justin is a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation. We cover what differentiates Ethereum from Bitcoin, the increasing number of projects being built on the Ethereum platform, and what a shift from proof of work to proof of stake means for Ethereum.
Blending Gaming and DeFi
Aleksander Larsen speaks at EthCC on Axie Infinity's mission, business model, and interoperability with Ethereum.
Josh Williams: Opportunities for Crypto in Gaming
Forte CEO Josh Williams gives a masterclass on designing games built on crypto, with a focus on business models and game economies.
Axie Infinity Whitepaper
An overview of Axie's mission, vision, gameplay, technology, and roadmap.
Infinity Revenue, Infinity Possibilities
A deep dive into Axie, including gaming business models, the "play-to-earn" model, why Axie is succeeding, future possibilities, and risks.
Payments, Payment Rails, and Blockchains, and the Metaverse
Matthew Ball outlines problems with legacy payment rails and how blockchains empower Metaverse economies & new business models like NFT P2E.
Turning networks into economies
Chris Dixon describes how crypto upgrades networks into economies.