Released January 21st, 2022
Mike Colyer - An Overview of Crypto Mining
Mike Colyer is the Chief Executive Officer of Foundry. We cover how mining works, what brought Mike into the mining market, and what lies ahead for Foundry.
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Colossus Research
Foundry Digital Research
Our research on Foundry Digital, prepared ahead of Eric's conversation with Mike.
Jeremiah Lowin - Hash Power - Part 1
We cover the potential of blockchains, the idea of scarcity in digital assets, and hashing. Our guides are leaders in this field such as Naval Ravikant, Olaf Carlson-Wee, Fred Ehrsam, Ari Paul among others.
BitcoinTV: The Rise of Mining Pools in North America
History of Foundry as well as perspectives on bitcoin mining from Mike Colyer (CEO) and Ethan Vera (COO at Luxor).
Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance
A primer on Bitcoin electricity consumption, hashrate by country and a technical FAQ on bitcoin and bitcoin mining.
Article Pool Insights
Data resource for better understanding the current major mining pools, global hashrate, and other relevant metrics.
How mining pools distribute rewards? PPS vs FPPS vs PPLNS
A description of various pool sharing techniques and how that impacts expected rewards from pool participants.
Crypto Mining: Luck, Probability and BlockWithholding Attack
A description of pool luck and how it impacts rewards in bitcoin mining.
Bitcoin Information & Resources
A comprehensive guide to educational Bitcoin information and resources. Hundreds of links that help answer the question: What is Bitcoin?