Released September 21st, 2021
David Fialkow - Paint Outside the Lines
David Fialkow is the co-founder of General Catalyst. We cover what makes a great founder, the importance of storytelling, and the value of effectively convening people within your network.
Venture Capital
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Brad Gerstner- Public and Private Investing
A conversation with Brad Gerstner on lifecycle investing and discussing investment opportunities in Internet-enabled businesses.
Scott Norton - Seek to Learn That Which Cannot be Taught
Scott Norton is the co-founder of Sir Kensington’s which was acquired by Unilever. We cover his observations on culture, the importance of relationships in sales, and competitive edge.
Creating Opportunities
David shares his experience helping “the smartest, most creative, most innovative people in the world” tell their stories.
Herman Taneja- General Catalyst
General Catalyst's Managing Director discusses more on the firm's investment philosophy and principles in this speaker series.
View From The Top: Ken Chenault
Ken Chenault, CEO of American Express at the time, discusses his leadership challenges and some of the reasons for American Express success.
The Oscar winning documentary, which uncovered systemic doping within Russia's Olympic program.
The Creative Genius of David Fialkow
Learn more about David's personal and professional background in this interview with the Boston College of Law magazine.
Jim Koch, the Self-Made Beer Billionaire
Read more about how Koch built a billion dollar beer empire with Boston Beer Company in this profiled interview.
Unscaled: How AI and a New Generation of Upstarts Are Creating the Economy of the Future
Unscaled identifies the forces that are reshaping the global economy and turns economies of scale on its head.