Released August 12th, 2021
Sameer Shariff - Breaking Language Barriers
Sameer Shariff is the co-founder and CEO of Cambly. We cover the origin story of the business, what Sameer views as the core functions of a two-sided marketplace, and how the team approached scaling a product that was international from day one.
Business Building
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Michael Seibel - Lessons from Thousands of Startups
Michael Seibel is a Partner at Y Combinator and the CEO of YC’s startup accelerator. We cover what he looks for in Y Combinator applicants, frameworks to identify problems worth solving as an entrepreneur, and what it feels like to find product-market fit.
Katrina Lake - The Next Wave of E-commerce
Katrina is the co-founder and CEO of Stitch Fix. We cover the next wave of e-commerce, how stakeholder focus is a shareholder focus, and the future of Stitch Fix and personalized shopping.
Sarah Tavel - Consumer & Marketplace Investing
Sarah is a general partner at Benchmark. We cover Sarah's insights from the food delivery & space rental sectors, building marketplaces, and the future of the consumer social sector.
Brian Chesky, Co-founder & CEO of Airbnb
A masterclass on how to scale your company by doing things that don’t scale and handcrafting an “11-star experience”.
Lenny Rachitsky - How to Kickstart and Scale a Marketplace Business
Mega-essay synthesizing insights from 17 marketplace businesses, including discussions on how to drive supply and demand, and growth levers.
Required Reading for Marketplace Entrepreneurs
Comprehensive list of high quality resources on the business dynamics, historical context, and future of marketplace companies.
All Markets Are Not Created Equal
A classic by veteran marketplace investor Bill Gurley, discussing the 10 factors to consider when evaluating digital marketplaces.
See Your Score: The NFX Marketplace Scorecard
NFX shares their methodology for investing or advising in marketplaces. Comprehensive list of elements, useful for investors and operators.
Benjamin Bloom – The 2 Sigma Problem
Bloom’s 1984 research paper on how ‘Mastery Learning’ and ‘One-on-One Tutoring’ techniques significantly improve educational efficiency.