Released July 6th, 2022
Jon Cukierwar - Dino Polska: Serving Small-Town Poland
Jon Cukierwar is the Founder of Sohra Peak Capital Partners. We cover the unique dynamics of the Polish consumer, how Dino differentiates itself from its larger competitors, and the economics behind its new store roll-out strategy.
Professional Investors
Public Equity
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Zack Fuss - Breaking Down the Food Ecosystem
A discussion around the economics of the food business and restaurants' recent digital transformations.
Dominik Richter - HelloFresh: Delivering on Process Power
Dominik Richter is the CEO and co-founder of HelloFresh. We cover the challenges of scaling an operationally intensive business, why HelloFresh is more like CPG companies than grocery stores, and what he’s learned about brand building.
Zack Fuss - Costco: Relentless Focus on the One Thing
Zack Fuss is an investor at Continental Grain, a 200-year-old family business. Chris is President and CIO of Semper Augustus Investments Group. We cover how Costco can offer high-quality products at such low prices and lessons that can be learned and applied to other businesses.
Long-Term, Conviction Investing in Global, Small-Cap Companies
Jon shares his background in investing and his strategy for finding inefficiencies in valuations of overseas small-cap companies.
Investment Memo
Dino Polska: Dominating Grocery Retail in Small-Town Poland
Sohra Peak’s detailed report on the Polish grocery market, covering Dino's business model, competitors, and the size and growth of the TAM.
A masterclass in off-the-beaten-path investing
Jon discusses his investment framework, why he invests so heavily in overseas small-caps, and some tools that individual investors can use.
Sam Walton: Made In America
The story of how Sam Walton built the largest retailer in the world, Walmart.