Released July 22nd, 2021
Stewart Butterfield - We Don’t Sell Saddles Here
Stewart is the founder and CEO of Slack. We cover the concept of owner’s delusion, how to frame the boundaries between product and market, and the challenge of changing people’s mental models.
Business Building
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Leore Avidar - Creating and Selling Superpowers
Leore is the co-founder and CEO of Lob and Alt. We cover how APIs enable developers to create superpowers, pricing strategy for businesses, and collectibles as financial assets.
Tobi Lutke - Building a Modern Business
Tobi is the co-founder and CEO of Shopify, the ecommerce platform that champions entrepreneurs. We cover Shopify's business model and North Star, the overlooked benefits of video games, and Tobi talks about the best idea he has ever found.
The Slack DPO
Acquired explores Slack's history, from Stewart Butterfield's days on a Canadian commune to their flotation via direct listing.
Stewart Butterfield - Leadership Styles, Decision-Making, The 3 Levels of Wealth, IPOs vs Direct Listings
How Slack started, the inside track on Stewart’s philosophy as a founder and leader, and the future drivers of Slack's growth.
Inventing On Principle
Bret Victor shares his views on how to live life and explains the principle that guides everything he creates.
We Don’t Sell Saddles Here
Stewart Butterfield's memo to his team at Tiny Speck, the makers of Slack, to sell the innovation rather than the product to consumers.
Slack: The Bulls are typing...
Written pre Salesforce acquisition, Packy McCormick outlines Slack's business model, and his bull/bear thesis on its future.
The Slack Social Network
Ben Thompson analyzes Slack's proposition as an enterprise social network and its horizontal business strategy.
Office, Messaging and Verbs
Benedict Evans discusses the history of productivity software and comments on how Slack might shape the future.
The Arc of Collaboration
Kevin Kwok argues that due to the rise of other collaborative software, Slack will be used to put out fires rather than do actual work.
Who Do You Want Your Customers To Become
An explanation of why successful innovation rebrands the client, not the product.