Released May 13th, 2022
Reed McGinley-Stempel - The Passport of the Internet
Reed McGinley-Stempel is the co-founder and CEO of Stytch. We cover the history of online passwords, how Stytch is trying to eliminate passwords, and the power of using Ethereum to sign on to any website.
Business Building
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Colossus Research
Web3 Breakdowns Research: Stytch
Learn about the history and business model of Stytch in this report, prepared ahead of Eric's conversation with Reed.
Diogo Monica - Anchorage Digital: Serving Institutional Crypto Needs
Diogo Monica is the co-founder and President of Anchorage Digital. We cover Anchorage’s business, explore what great digital security looks like, and reveal what new behaviors web3 is unlocking for traditional institutions.
Todd McKinnon - Creating and Defining a New Market Category
Todd is the co-founder and CEO of Okta. We cover why Todd felt the 2008 Crisis was a good time to start Okta, how he pivoted into identity management, and the lessons he’s learned from scaling Okta into a public company.
Zach Perret - The Future of Financial Services
Zach Perret is the co-founder and CEO of Plaid. We discuss Zach's philosophy on building products, how the financial system works today, and the trends Zach is seeing from the next wave of FinTech companies launching on Plaid.
Eric Vishria - The Past, Present, and Future of SaaS and Software
Eric Vishria is a general partner at Benchmark Capital. We cover the different generations of SaaS and software businesses, why the future remains brighter than ever for companies building software products, and what impact their products will have on business in general.
S6 Bonus: Reed McGinley-Stempel, Stytch
A discussion with Reed McGinley-Stempel on the creation of Stytch, and the journey in building a passwordless authentication API and SDK.
E8: Julianna Lamb of Stytch on organization design
Stytch Co-founder, Julianna shares the history of user authentication, its future, and her approach to organization design.
Ep 60 of The Hard Truth - Eliminating Passwords & Improving Security With The CEO Of Stytch
A discussion on how Stytch allows companies to reduce security implications of stolen passwords and massively increase conversion.
Stytch: Kill the Password
A dive into the founding of Stytch, reducing friction in authentication, and its competitive advantage.
Web3 and the future of data portability: Rethinking user experiences and incentives on the internet
Stych Co-founder& CEO Reed highlights how web3 is improving data portability, incentive structures, and changing user authentication.
APIs All the Way Down
Packy breaks down the API-first model.