Released November 5th, 2021
Roelof Botha - Sequoia’s Crucible Moment
Roelof Botha is a partner at Sequoia. We cover the seismic change Sequoia is making to its investing model, what's changed over the course of his career, and what he’s learned from businesses like MongoDB, Square, YouTube, and Unity.
Venture Capital
Professional Investors
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Jerry Neumann - Why Venture is Hard
Jerry Neumann is a venture investor at Neu Venture Capital. We cover why investing with one’s gut is a bad idea, investment risk, and why some of the popular edges in startups, like network effects, may be picked over.
Marc Andreessen - Making the Future
Marc is a co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz and a Silicon Valley icon. Marc was also an early pioneer of the internet, and at the age of 22 built Mosaic, which was the first widely adopted web browser. We cover how software is making the world better, how slow sectors like education, healthcare, and housing are eating the economy, and Marc’s vision for the future of A16Z.
Ro Nagpal - MongoDB: The Database Platform
Ro Nagpal is an investor at Holocene Advisors. We cover Mongo’s creative approach to R&D, learn how database product advantages compound, and look at what protects MongoDB from larger players like Microsoft and Amazon.
Kanyi Maqubela - Dawn of the 21st Century
Kanyi Maqubela is the co-founder of seed-stage VC firm Kindred Ventures. We cover the parallels between today and the roaring ’20s, Kanyi's method for evaluating founders and businesses at an early stage, and the lessons we can take from the Design Your Life class at Stanford.
Sequoia Capital (Part 1)
Acquired tells the story of Sequoia Capital and its founder, Don Valentine.
Sequoia Capital Part II (with Doug Leone)
Sequoia stalwart, Doug Leone, shares all that has gone into building the modern Sequoia.
Don Valentine, Sequoia Capital: "Target Big Markets"
Don Valentine describes some of the insights that allowed him to lead Sequoia through almost four decades of disruptive changes.
Investment Memo
Sequoia's DoorDash Investment Memo
Alfred Lin's investment memo on DoorDash before Sequoia's Series A investment.
Investment Memo
Sequoia's YouTube Investment Memo
Roelof Botha's original 2005 investment memo on YouTube. Made public in 2013 as part of Viacom International Inc. v. YouTube, Inc.
Sequoia Productive Capital
Ben Thompson uses Carlota Perez's framework to show how Sequoia is transforming itself from financial capital to production capital.
The Sequoia Fund: Patient Capital for Building Enduring Companies
Roelof Botha's article announcing Sequoia's new fund structure.
Exclusive talk with Sir Michael Moritz
A summary of Mike Moritz's advice to Bocconi Students Investment Club in 2014.
Public to Private Equity in the United States: A Long-Term Look
An investigation into how public and private markets have changed over the past 30 years, and what it's meant for asset managers.
Unity is Manifesting the Metaverse
Unity's place and role in shaping the metaverse, including history, financials, products, opportunities and threats