Released June 17th, 2022
OSF - Wall Street Trader Turned Creator
OSF is the co-founder of Canary Labs and rektguy. We cover the commonalities between fixed income and NFT trading, how to revive a failing PFP project, and the feeling when Snoop Dogg bought his artwork.
Business Building
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Colossus Research
Web3 Breakdowns Research: Canary Collection
Learn about the inception and evolution of Canary Collection, in this report prepared ahead of Eric's conversation with OSF.
Eric Golden - Bored Ape Yacht Club
Eric Golden is a former Portfolio Manager at Fidelity. We cover the Bored Ape Yacht Club in detail, use Bored Apes as a lens to understand how NFT projects are creating strong membership communities, and explore the tools projects are using to differentiate themselves.
Micah Johnson - A New Future for IP
Micah Johnson is the creator and artist of Aku Dreams. We cover how Micahs childhood inspired the story behind Aku, what he has learned from his success, and tips for artists in the space.
Bored Elon Musk - A Parody that Became a Company
Bored Elon Musk is a widely followed pseudonymous personality. We cover the evolution of pseudonymous accounts, Bored's experience in the gaming world, and how he turned his popular twitter account into a blockchain gaming business.
Magic Beans
Possibly the clearest articulation of the mental model for NFTs, by the inimitable Venkatesh Rao.
NFTs and a Thousand True Fans
Chris Dixon describes how NFTs enable new economics for creators.
About Our Collection
Learn about OSF and Mando's valuation framework for NFT projects.
What It Means to Freeze Time
Rahul Sanghi explores the evolutionary and cultural underpinnings of NFTs in this magnum opus from Tigerfeathers.
The Bull Case for CC0 NFTs
Understand the implications of a new paradigm of NFTs and the multiplier effect that could be unleashed by open sourcing IP.