Released April 5th, 2022
Antonio Gracias - Pro-Entropic Investing
Antonio Gracias is the founder, CIO, and CEO of Valor Equity Partners. We cover his concept of pro-entropic investing, what he learned as a 25-year-old running a manufacturing business, and his methods for eliminating biases when making investments.
Private Equity
Professional Investors
Operating Frameworks
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Gavin Baker - Tech and Consumer Growth Investing
Gavin is the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Atreides Management, L.P. We cover the most important technology and consumer trends for the future, uncover their parallels in history, and dive deep into the video game industry.
Brent Beshore - Private Equity, Venture Capital, and the Future of Money Management
A discussion on personal branding, public and private valuations, and mentorship.
Bill Gurley - An Update on Consumer & Enterprise Venture Capital
Bill Gurley and Chetan Puttagunta are both partners at Benchmark Capital. We cover updates on consumer and enterprise investing, their view on the state of funding and growth, and the entrepreneurial spirit in the face of a crisis.
The Human Side of Venture: M.G. Siegler on Being a Supportive Investor
This conversation breaks down the human side of investing and company building, explaining how VCs can best support investors.
Arjun Sethi – A Technology Company that Deploys Capital at Tribe
Arjun shares his early journey as an entrepreneur, success as an angel investor, and a different way of looking at venture investing.
A conversation with Antonio Gracias and Matthew Tirrell
A conversation with Antonio Gracias about Valor’s business and the changes in the venture capital space.
The Science of Extreme Behavior: The Line Between Courageous and Crazy
An analysis of the neuroscience and psychology behind extreme risk-taking behavior, and the role of risk in human evolution.
Keep Your Identity Small
If you want to think clearly, let as few things as possible define your identity. The more labels you have, the dumber they make you.
A Deep Dive into goPuff's Strategy to Conquer the Grocery Market
Breaks down the history and business model behind goPuff, a startup aimed at disrupting the convenience store and grocery industries.
The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement
Learn key insights about how to build resilience, and how the transformation of management thinking improves performance.
Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX
The story of SpaceX, from a struggling start-up to one of the most powerful players in the aerospace industry.
Legacy: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life
James Kerr dives into the heart of the world's most successful team, the New Zealand All Blacks, to understand their performance culture.