Released December 3rd, 2021
Aaron Wright - A Primer on DAOs
Aaron Wright is a law professor at Cardozo School of Law and founder of Tribute Labs. We cover the hive-mind that makes a DAO special, the mechanics of decision making within a DAO, and other possibilities DAOs could unlock.
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Colossus Research
FlamingoDAO: Web3 Research
Learn about the history and value proposition of DAOs through the lens of FlamingoDAO, prepared ahead of Eric's conversation with Aaron.
Eric Golden - Bored Ape Yacht Club
Eric Golden is a former Portfolio Manager at Fidelity. We cover the Bored Ape Yacht Club in detail, use Bored Apes as a lens to understand how NFT projects are creating strong membership communities, and explore the tools projects are using to differentiate themselves.
Flamingo DAO – What You Should Know About Decentralized Autonomous Organizations With Priyanka Desai And Aaron Wright
The past, present and future of Flamingo and the LAO network of DAOs.
Can a DAO Go to Court? According to Two DAO Legal Experts… Probably
An in-depth discussion on the legal aspects of DAOs- including wrapped DAOs, tokens as securities, and Wyoming's DAO law.
DAOs: Absorbing the Internet
A foundational primer on DAOs from The Generalist.
DAOs: Communities of the Future
FirstMark VC Lisa Xu's early thoughts on DAOs and why they represent the next evolution in online communities.
The Dao of DAOs
Packy McCormick's in-depth exploration of DAOs.
Bootstrapping a Decentralized Autonomous Organization: Part I
Vitalik Buterin’s foundational writing from 2013 that first explored the concept of DAOs.
Voting Options in DAOs
A valuable collection of the different voting mechanisms used by DAOs through Q&As with DAO founders and builders.
15 Ways the World is being Transformed by DAOs
From developer collectives to investment vehicles to nomad communities to politics- learn about the different areas DAOs are operating in.
Curated Collection of Tweets on DAOs
A curated list of the best tweets and twitter threads on DAOs.
DAO Guide
A crowdsourced database of active DAOs, write-ups, bounties, tools and other relevant resources.
DAO Ecosystem Overview
A database that lists, ranks, and analyzes top DAOs across multiple metrics.
Blockchain and the Law: The Rule of Code
Aaron Wright’s deep dive into the interplay between blockchain technology and regulation.