Released January 19th, 2022
Vinny Pujji - Peloton: Reinventing the Wheel
Vinny Pujji is a partner at Left Lane Capital. We cover Peloton’s success in creating a new fitness category, the impact of the pandemic on its financials, and why it might make sense for Peloton to build its own music label.
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Public Equity
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Colossus Research
Peloton Research
Read our research on Peloton's history, business model, and competitive positioning.
Jay Hoag - Calibrating Market Adoption
Jay Hoag is the co-founder of TCV. We cover his own journey founding TCV, what advice he has for visionaries, and why he sees advantages for private to public crossover investors.
Gavin Baker - Tech and Consumer Growth Investing
Gavin is the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Atreides Management, L.P. We cover the most important technology and consumer trends for the future, uncover their parallels in history, and dive deep into the video game industry.
Ride to the Mountaintop: How Peloton Re-Invented the Fitness Industry with a Revolutionary Business Model
Jay Hoag interviews Peloton CEO John Foley to discuss disrupting the fitness industry, as well as the company's vision and early growth.
Peloton: John Foley
An interview with CEO John Foley on his background, Peloton's founding story, and early challenges with prototypes and fundraising.
This Startup Will Keep You From Ever Going to the Gym Again
A detailed history of Peloton's early challenges and successes, from designing the first prototypes to opening the first studios.
Privacy Fundamentalism Follow-up, Peloton’s S-1, Peloton and Disruption
Stratechery breaks down Peloton's S-1 and profitability, compares it to Netflix's variety of content, and classifies it as disruptive tech.
Software in a Box: The Comeback of the Hardware Based Business Model
Bill Gurley describes the advantages of using hardware as distribution for software, despite pure software being an arguably better model.
‘What we need to believe’ for an investment thesis — a case study on Peloton
A look at technology adoption and growth investing through the lens of Peloton's business.