Released January 27th, 2022
Geoffrey Moore - Building Gorilla Businesses
Geoffrey Moore is a tech author, consultant, and venture partner at Wildcat Ventures. We define what makes a company a "Gorilla", explore the lifecycle of technology adoption, and discuss how Geoffrey has updated his thinking over a long career.
Professional Investors
Venture Capital
Business Building
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Eric Vishria - The Past, Present, and Future of SaaS and Software
Eric Vishria is a general partner at Benchmark Capital. We cover the different generations of SaaS and software businesses, why the future remains brighter than ever for companies building software products, and what impact their products will have on business in general.
Nick Kokonas - Know What You Are Selling
Nick is the CEO of Tock and co-owner of some of the world’s best restaurants & bars: Alinea, Next, and The Aviary. We cover misconceptions of starting a restaurant, improving the profitability of any business, and the importance of understanding what you really sell.
Crossing the Chasm as a Framework for Investments
Geoffrey Moore and the Wildcat Team share the lowest risk, highest reward framework for Venture Capital Investments.
Geoffrey Moore: Has Clubhouse Crossed The Chasm?
Geoffrey shares his ideas on entrepreneurship, startups, tech markets, and feedback on a few business ideas.
The End of Trickle-Down Technology
Ben Thompson applies Moore's 'Crossing the chasm' framework to the smartphone industry.
After 30 years, Crossing The Chasm Is Due for a Refresh — Why Markets Are Larger Than They Appear
A VC on why the dramatic expansion of tech's total addressable market has made Geoffrey Moore's 'chasm' a little less relevant.
Crossing The Chasm
The seminal book on high-tech marketing, containing timeless strategies and tactics for B2B markets.
The Gorilla Game: Picking Winners in High Technology
Geoffrey Moore's manual for earning outsized returns by identifying 'Gorilla candidates', companies that will dominate their categories
Zone to Win: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption
Geoffrey Moore's operating manual for enterprises looking to add new lines of businesses to their existing portfolios.