Released December 24th, 2021
Brantly Millegan - Ethereum Name Service
Brantly Millegan, better known as Brantly.eth, is the Director of Operations for Ethereum Name Service. We cover the ENS backstory, why it seems to be winning over other blockchain-based naming services, and what the future may hold for ENS.
Business Building
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Colossus Research
Ethereum Name Service: Web3 Research
Learn about ENS' evolution and value proposition in our research prepared ahead of Eric's conversation with Brantly.
Ryan Selkis - The Crypto Barbell and Token Curated Registries
Ryan is the co-founder of Messari, which helps investors, regulators and the public make sense of the cryptoeconomy. We cover the need for better transparency around decentralized projects, Token-Curated Registries, and how people should form investment opinions about this space.
Human Readable Domains Deep Dive with Brantly Millegan & Matthew Gould
A deep dive on human readable names and their utility in web3.
The ENS DAO and $ENS Airdrop
Brantly Millegan and Nick Johnson discuss the recent $ENS airdrop and future of the ENS DAO.
Why the $ENS Airdrop is So Valuable
Bankless discuss the importance of the $ENS airdrop, ENS as a public good, and the responsibility of ENS token holders.
Nick Johnson of ENS: "We Want to be the Naming System for Every Digital Resource in the World"
Discussion on the past and future of the ENS DAO, $ENS tokenomics, and the initial lessons learned from the token distribution.
Ethereum Name Service: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A large-scale academic study of ENS's first four years of existence.
ENS DAO Constitution
The governing document for the ENS DAO.
With Ethereum
Brantly's Twitter thread describing how Ethereum and ENS solved single sign-on, potentially removing the need for username and password.
What is DNS?
A high-level explanation of DNS to better understand how ENS integrates with and improves upon existing technology.