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Invest Like the Best is a series of interviews with leading investors where we capture and share some of the best stories and insights on business and investing.
Business Breakdowns will dive deep into a single company with investors and operators that know it best. We believe every business has secrets and Breakdowns is here to highlight them.
Learn from history's greatest entrepreneurs. Every week David Senra reads a biography of an entrepreneur to find ideas you can use in your work.
How to build a media business by two outsiders learning the craft. Matt Reustle and Dom Cooke have decades of experience in investing but almost none in the media industry. In each episode, they talk to great media operators, document their own media building efforts, and dissect their favorite business content.
Art of Investing is a series of discussions with the world's best investors, company builders, academics, athletes, artists and human beings devoted to exploring the joys of compounding in all its forms.
Making Markets explores the psychology and structure that make up markets all over the world. From mainstream stock and bond markets to esoteric niches like vineyards, antique art, and crypto, we explain the transactions that underpin our economy.
50X dissects the anatomy of extraordinary long-term investments. It is created by Will Thorndike and Compounding Labs, in partnership with Colossus.
Through conversations with central figures in Indian business, Return on India explores the investment case for one of the most populous and promising economies in the world.
Founder's Field Guide is a series of conversations with founders, CEOs, and operators building great businesses. This series is dedicated to stories and lessons from builders of all types.
Our Hosts
Zack is an investor at Continental Grain Company focusing on the entire food ecosystem - from farming to restaurants and grocery chains - and every step in between. Prior to his work at Continental Grain, Zack was on the investing teams at Tiger Management and Citadel.
Jesse is the founder and CEO of Gateway X, a holding company that builds, buys, and invests in companies that are driving the direct-to-consumer landscape. Prior to Gateway X, Jesse was the CEO and co-founder of Ampush, a performance marketing business helping power customer acquisition across some of the world's biggest brands like Dollar Shave Club, Uber, Birchbox, and Hulu.
Eric is the managing partner of Probably Nothing Capital, a Web3 focused investment firm. Prior to this Eric was a portfolio manager and managing director at Fidelity Investments where he managed active and passive strategies across funds and separately managed accounts.
Patrick is the co-founder and Chairman at Colossus. He’s also the host of our two flagship podcast properties – Invest Like the Best and Founder’s Field Guide. Alongside his hosting role, Patrick is the managing partner at Positive Sum, an early-stage investment firm, and the CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management.