Pioneer (Remote)
The Overview
Our Pioneer Program is an opportunity to get up close and personal with our content and community. Join operators, investors, students, and writers from around the globe in the pursuit of lifelong learning. This role will play a pivotal role in a small team in helping us fulfill our mission.

Are you a Pioneer?
Want to help produce our content?

This small team keeps our podcasts motoring by creating and curating the top-quality research and content that goes into every episode and newsletter.

On top of all the benefits that come with being part of the Pioneer community, contributors are able to sign up for regular paid work with Colossus, and we envision their role continuing to grow as we grow.

We want to make this program special for everyone involved. Interest is always welcome but we typically accept new members on a 1-in and 1-out basis.

As a Pioneer, you:
  • Interact with fans of Invest like the Best, Business Breakdowns, and our other shows
  • Work with the Colossus team to create content from our podcast episodes
  • An opportunity to improve your business analysis and writing capabilities as you create new content from the podcast episodes
  • Perform deep dives on companies and explore a range of business & investing topics
  • Help us source guests, curate compelling ideas, and get early access to all episodes.
  • Improve your business analysis and thinking
  • Have access to monthly calls with our hosts, fellow Pioneers, and the Colossus team
  • Get attribution for the work you do. We want this to be a resume builder that can lead to further opportunities.

Who we are?

We are the team behind Invest like the Best and Founder’s Field Guide. Our podcasts get over 1 million downloads per month and we are growing rapidly.