Released April 29th, 2022
Marc Ganzi - Pioneering Digital Infrastructure
Marc Ganzi is the President and CEO of DigitalBridge. We cover what digital infrastructure means, why DigitalBridge is one of the most important companies in the industry, and how the competitive environment has changed.
Public Equity
Professional Investors
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Marc Rubinstein - Blackstone: Beyond Buyouts
Marc Rubinstein is the author of Net Interest and a former hedge fund manager. We cover the different ways Blackstone earns money, how that’s changing, and what else management has done to make the business more shareholder-friendly.
Dan Rasmussen - Private Equity Returns in Public Markets
Dan Rasmussen is the founder of Verdad Advisers. We cover the myths of private equity, US versus global opportunities, and applying technical and systematic thinking into public market investing.
Keith Wasserman - Real Estate Investing
Keith is co-founder of the real estate investment firm Gelt. We cover the pros and cons of different types of real estate, tax and depreciation strategies, and interesting new opportunities in real estate investing.
Christian Sinding, EQT
Interview with the CEO of EQT, a leading global private equity firm following a similar trajectory to DigitalBridge.
Investment Memo
BYTE ETF Investor Presentation
An explanation with case studies of the Digital Infrastructure sector and how the BYTE ETF aims to provide exposure.
A Sustainable Perspective on Digital Infrastructure
A primer on digital infrastructure and how it's changing through a sustainable investment lens.
How Marc Ganzi bet Colony Capital’s future on the next-gen economy
Interview with Marc Ganzi discussing Colony Capital's origins as a REIT and its pivot to digital infrastructure.
Digital vs Physical - The Backbone of the Internet
A brief introduction to digital infrastructure, covering the role of physical assets such as cell towers in shaping a digital future.
An Overview of DigitalBridge
Compound248's high-level overview of what $DBRG does and how one might begin to look at the business.