Released February 9th, 2022
Matt Reustle - UPS: Leaders of the Package
Matt Reustle is CEO of Colossus and a former Transport analyst. We cover the impetus behind UPS' better not bigger strategy, Amazon's position in the parcel delivery market, and the secular shifts taking place in the industry.
Public Equity
Professional Investors
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Ryan Petersen - Where There Is Mystery, There Is Margin
Ryan is the founder and CEO of Flexport, a technology platform for global trade. We cover the past, present, and potential future issues in the global supply chain, the role Flexport plays in the supply chain, and lessons he's learned building a global business.
Laura Behrens Wu - When Digital and Physical Worlds Converge
Laura Behrens Wu is the co-founder and CEO of Shippo. We cover the early days of Shippo finding its first customers, how Shippo's strategy has evolved over the years, and the complexity involved when digital and physical worlds collide.
Corporate Purpose with Carol Tomé
A conversation with Carol, CEO of UPS, discussing how successful leaders align behaviors and values with their company's purpose.
FedEx vs UPS | Kick the Tire, Light the Fires
Listen to the battle lines and tactics employed between long-standing UPS and 1970s upstart FedEx in the delivery wars.
Rebranding a Century-old Business with Kevin Warren of UPS
Kevin, Chief Marketing Officer at UPS, shares how UPS is embracing new strategies in order to remain competitive.
Darden Leadership Speaker Series: Scott Price, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer of UPS
A conversation with UPS' Chief Strategy Officer on how to influence and create transformation from within a global corporation.
The Future of E-commerce Fulfillment at UPS
Learn how UPS is redesigning fulfillment operations to balance growth and transformation to adapt to a rapidly changing market.
Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS
A behind-the-scenes story of how a small messenger business grew into a business giant.
Changing How the World Does Business: FedEx's Incredible Journey to Success # The Inside Story
FedEx's first general manager, Roger Frock, reveals how Fred Smith and his team endured their tumultuous early years.