Released May 4th, 2022
Josh Young - Baytex Energy: The Business of Oil & Gas
Josh Young is the CIO of Bison Interests. We cover the mechanics behind the production of a barrel of shale, how producers like Baytex fit into the broader energy ecosystem, and how management approaches issues like hedging, debt reduction and returning capital to shareholders.
Professional Investors
Public Equity
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Arjun Murti - Exxon Mobil: An Aging Energy Empire
Arjun Murti is a long-time energy analyst and investor. We cover Exxon's rich history dating back to John D. Rockefeller, the Supermajor supply chain, and what the future of the energy market might look like.
Eric Mandelblatt - Investing in the Industrial Economy
Eric Mandelblatt is the founder and CIO of Soroban Capital. We cover how the global push towards decarbonization could have massive impacts on the industrial economy, the supply and demand forces at work in commodities production, and why energy and materials represent such a small share of the market today.
Matt Smith - Oil Price War and Its Implications
Matt Smith is CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Ian Singer and Kobi Platt are Partners at Deep Basin Capital. We cover global oil supply and demand shocks, oil price war and its impact on US energy market, and long-term investing in the energy sector.
Pierre Andurand on How We Might Get $200 a Barrel Oil
A veteran commodities trader shares a current (March '22) perspective on the factors influencing the oil price rise and how to slow it.
The New Oil Order
A series of short videos focusing on the American shale revolution and how it has transformed oil markets globally.
Natural Gas in the New Energy World
A primer on the history and different types of natural gas, the critical role it plays in society, and its place in an energy transition.
The Golden Age of Oil and Gas Producers
Bison Interests' summary of the drivers behind the record cash flow being enjoyed by oil and gas producers.
Idea Brunch with Josh Young of Bison Interests
Josh outlines his background, research process and investing philosophy, and shares what makes an oil asset a compelling investment.
Oil 101
A straightforward guide to the oil industry, covering the chemistry involved, refining processes and methods of extraction.
The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power
A Pulitzer Prize winning look at the history of the oil industry, the struggle for power and wealth, and how oil has shaped the world.