Released February 23rd, 2022
Alex Lieberman - The New York Times: The Empire Strikes Back
Alex Lieberman is the co-founder of Morning Brew. We cover the scale and history of The New York Times, how it has navigated the shift from physical to digital distribution, and what its non-digital advertising business looks like today.
Business Building
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Colossus Research
The New York Times Research
Read our research on NYT's history, business model, and competitive positioning.
Ben Thompson - Platforms, Ecosystems, and Aggregators
Ben Thompson is the author of Stratechery, a business strategy newsletter. We cover his concept of aggregation theory, the evolution of the internet era, and how other tech trends have changed the business world for good.
The Complete History and Strategy of The New York Times
This podcast presents a detailed view of the history of the NYT and explores how it has survived amidst threats of disruption and death.
New York Times CEO Meredith Levien on the future of news, and her newspaper
This interview with the NYT's CEO covers the company's thriving subscription business and how it has managed staff dissatisfaction.
How ‘Subscription First’ Transformed The New York Times
Hear about how the New York Times has recently adapted its business model to focus on subscriptions and digital advertising.
The 2014 New York Times Innovation Report
The landmark internal report that laid the foundation for transformation of the company.
Building a digital New York Times: CEO Mark Thompson
An interview with former CEO Mark Thompson, who was at the center of the wide-ranging digital transformation of the New York Times.
Behind the great success of New York Times
An excellent examination of how the New York Times has been able to continue to attract and engage subscribers in the digital economy.
The (Not Failing) New York Times
A beautifully illustrated report that unpacks the digital transformation strategy of the New York Times.
Subscribed: Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company’s Future—and What to Do About It
Learn what it takes to transform a legacy company in order to adapt to the subscription economy.