Released February 17th, 2022
Tim Flannery - Simplifying Fund Closing
Tim Flannery is the co-founder of venture fund administrator Passthrough. We discuss the biggest frictions in investing, what achieving greatness in distribution and sales looks like, and the power of identity as a feature to build products around.
Private Equity
Venture Capital
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Todd McKinnon - Creating and Defining a New Market Category
Todd is the co-founder and CEO of Okta. We cover why Todd felt the 2008 Crisis was a good time to start Okta, how he pivoted into identity management, and the lessons he’s learned from scaling Okta into a public company.
Alex Rampell - Investing in Operating Systems
Alex Rampell is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. We cover Alex’s framework for positive selection in investing, why the best investments are often operating systems or systems of record, and Alex’s views on the future of fintech.
Roelof Botha - Sequoia’s Crucible Moment
Roelof Botha is a partner at Sequoia. We cover the seismic change Sequoia is making to its investing model, what's changed over the course of his career, and what he’s learned from businesses like MongoDB, Square, YouTube, and Unity.
Kat Cole - How to Operate: Lessons in Brand, Distribution, and Leadership
Kat Cole is the COO and president of North America for Focus Brands, which owns famous companies like Cinnabon, Carvel, Jamba, and more. We cover her story from a Hooters waitress to COO of Focus Brands, building and developing brands, and lessons she's learned as a leader.
On Digitization and Democratization of Investing, Building a Two-Sided Marketplace, and the Acquisition Process
A conversation with Ryan Feit of SeedInvest exploring key concepts that will shape the future of investing.
Nelson Chu on Digitizing Private Credit Markets
A conversation with Nelson, founder & CEO of Cadence discussing private credit, fragmentation and how Cadence is providing solutions.
Digitizing the LP Dialogue
A conversation with fund managers & PE on good reporting, streamlining data management, and trends in private investment.
The Future of Private Markets with David Rubenstein & Jeff Blau
A conversation with Rubenstein of Carlyle Group and Blau of Related Companies discussing the future of private equity markets.
What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence
Stories and lessons from Blackstone founder Steve Schwarzman's life on how he built, transformed and led Blackstone.