Released July 27th, 2022
Seth Goldstein - DuPont: Two Centuries of Chemistry
Seth Goldstein is a senior equity analyst at Morningstar. We cover the fascinating history of the du Pont family, the chemical processes behind DuPont's well-known products such as Nylon and Kevlar, and lessons learned from the strategic mergers and divestments that DuPont has made.
Public Equity
Business Building
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Arjun Murti - Exxon Mobil: An Aging Energy Empire
Arjun Murti is a long-time energy analyst and investor. We cover Exxon's rich history dating back to John D. Rockefeller, the Supermajor supply chain, and what the future of the energy market might look like.
Jonathan Goldberg - Capturing Carbon
Jonathan Goldberg is the founder and CEO of Carbon Direct, a company focused on advising and investing in carbon removal at scale. We cover the state of the carbon problem today, the importance of global carbon standards and carbon taxes, and the future of carbon capture.
Mark Tomasovic - NextEra Energy: The Renewable Leader
Mark Tomasovic is an investor at Energize VC. We cover the structure of the energy market, what’s changed in the renewables space over the past twenty years, and how NextEra deploys its cost of capital advantage.
The Growing Debate
A series of episodes by Corteva explore beliefs about agriculture, and how farming is evolving to face challenging societal issues.
The Chemical Show
A series of episodes with chemical industry executives focusing on key trends impacting chemicals and plastics today.
The Chemical Company Of The Future
This article explores how, as the world moves towards sustainability, companies are looking to find lower-cost feedstocks than oil.
DuPont Is Materially Undervalued
Seth breaks down the impact of DuPont's 2019 spinoffs and explores the company's long-term earning power.
Exposure: Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed, and One Lawyer's Twenty-Year Battle against DuPont
The book about Rob Bilott’s decades-long legal battle with DuPont over PFAS that inspired the film, Dark Waters.