Released March 23rd, 2022
Deven Parekh - Fanatics: Growing the Sports Economy
Deven Parekh is Managing Director at Insight Partners. We cover Fanatics' unique commerce model, how the company is aggressively entering the NFT market, and other prospective areas for expansion.
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Colossus Research
Fanatics Research
Read our research on Fanatics' history, business model, and competitive positioning.
Jay Kapoor - The National Football League
Jay Kapoor is a General Partner at VSC Ventures. We cover the NFL's unique $15 billion business, what makes it stand out relative to other sports, and how it dominates linear TV.
Fireside Chat with Michael Rubin
Michael Rubin discusses Fanatics’ partnerships, its v-commerce model, and competing with e-commerce giants, Amazon and Alibaba.
Inside Fanatics' Drive to Conquer the $500 Billion Sports Business
Learn about the business structure of Fanatics and how it is becoming the predominant player in the sports fan economy.
Vertical Marketplaces: The Defining E-Commerce Trend
An article describing the competitive advantages of creating a vertically integrated e-commerce business.
Sports NFTs are popular, but are they a winning investment?
An overview of the sports NFT landscape and a cautious outlook for the future.
The Newest Sports Betting Business
A look at Fanatics' foray into the sports betting market, and the size of the opportunity available to them.