Released July 20th, 2022
Andrew Hollingworth - Charles Schwab: The 8 Trillion Dollar Gorilla
Andrew Hollingworth is the founder and portfolio manager of Holland Advisors. We cover how Charles Schwab built a behemoth out of a newsletter, why it pivoted to an asset-heavy model, and what it shares in common with Amazon.
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Public Equity
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Schwab Research
Read our research on Schwab's history, business model, and competitive position.
Joe Mansueto - Lessons From the Founder of Morningstar
Joe is the founder, longtime CEO, and current executive chairman of Morningstar. We cover the story behind Morningstar, the principles that made its brand so strong, and Joe's thoughts on effective capital allocation.
Abby Johnson - Future of Finance
Abby Johnson, Tom Jessop, and Vipin Mayar all work at Fidelity Investments as chairman and CEO, President of Digital Assets, and CTO respectively. We cover trends in asset management, AI and blockchain, and leadership.
Jenny Johnson - Seven Decades of Investing Expertise
Jenny Johnson is the President and CEO of Franklin Templeton. We cover Jenny’s thoughts on leadership, how she manages the needle-moving problem that afflicts many large companies, and the ways in which she sees private markets becoming more accessible to retail investors in the future.
Marc Rubinstein - Goldman Sachs: Fortune Favors The Old
Marc Rubinstein is the author of Net Interest and a former hedge fund manager. We cover what it means to sit at the center of the capital system, the core segments of an investment bank, and the mystery and the prestige that has followed Goldman since its days as a private partnership.
Famed Investor Charles Schwab on The David Rubenstein Show
Charles Schwab talks to David Rubenstein about letting customers trade for free, overcoming dyslexia, and Schwab's purpose.
Investment Memo
Gorilla In The Midst
Holland Advisors' research on Schwab, outlining the company's cost and scale advantages and why it can deliver outsized returns.
Investment Memo
Another Flywheel
Holland Advisors' research on Schwab, covering how it was able to disrupt the brokerage industry by being ultra-competitive on price.
Invested: Changing Forever the Way Americans Invest
Charles Schwab's personal memoir that describes his story of building Schwab from a newsletter into a trillion dollar institution.