Released April 26th, 2022
Dmitry Balyasny - Building a Better Model
Dmitry Balyasny is the Managing Partner and CIO of Balyasny Asset Management. We cover the origin story of his unique multi-strategy firm, the common traits that great portfolio managers share, and how to incentivize talented investors.
Professional Investors
Investing Frameworks
Hedge Funds
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Ricky Sandler - Building an Investment Compass
Ricky Sandler is the founder of Eminence Capital. We cover Ricky's evolution as an active investor, why he thinks this is a stock picker's environment, and what keeps him competitive after a long and successful career.
Paul Enright - The Buy Side Primer
Paul Enright is the managing partner at Krainos Capital, with previous buy-side and sell-side experience at Viking Global and Morgan Stanley. We demystify high finance – exploring the buy-side and sell-side, the different kinds of funds, and the skills required for success.
Leigh Drogen - Quant vs Traditional Investors and How Alphas Become Betas
Leigh Drogen has worked as a statistical arbitrage portfolio manager and now founded and now Estimize, a data company that works with some of the world's largest hedge funds. We cover traits that help funds perform well, crowdsourcing in funds, and algorithms and automation.
The Hedge Fund Comeback
An overview of the hedge fund industry. Learn about the challenges of driving alpha and attracting talent and capital.
The Curious Case of Dmitry Balyasny
An exploration of BAM’s multi-strategy structure, risk management practices, and twenty year history.
Multi-Strategy Hedge Funds Explained
A deep dive into the multi-strategy hedge fund structure, its competitive advantages, and its drawbacks.
Atlas Shrugged
One of Ayn Rand’s sci-fi novels that expounds on the theory of objectivism, depicting the virtues of individualism and failings of altruism.
Money Masters of Our Time
A book on the investment techniques and methods used by 17 of the biggest names in the investing world.
Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders
A series of interviews with some of the greatest traders on their differing approaches to generating wealth.