Released November 3rd, 2021
Ro Nagpal - MongoDB: The Database Platform
Ro Nagpal is an investor at Holocene Advisors. We cover Mongo’s creative approach to R&D, learn how database product advantages compound, and look at what protects MongoDB from larger players like Microsoft and Amazon.
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Professional Investors
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Colossus Research
MongoDB: Business Breakdowns Research
Dive into our research on MongoDB's history, business model, and competitive position prepared ahead of Jesse's conversation with Ro.
Chetan Puttagunta - Open Source Crash Course
Jeremiah Lowin is the founder of, an open source software company. Chetan Puttagunta is a partner at Benchmark Capital. We cover the open source software business model, building an open source community, and future opportunities in the sector.
Chetan Puttagunta - Go Slow to Go Fast: Software Building and Investing
Chetan Puttagunta is a general partner at Benchmark Capital. We cover how to implement empathy-led software product development, build an effective recruiting pipeline, and operate a remote-friendly culture.
Ro Nagpal - Twilio: Messaging, Margins, and Markets
Ro Nagpal is a senior investment professional at Holocene Advisors. We cover Twilio's unique approach to distribution, how lower gross margins versus peers can work to its advantage, and why Twilio's revenue model aligns incentives with its customers.
MongoDB Data Platform with Andrew Davidson
Andrew discusses MongoDB's move to be a "data platform" and the growing number of use cases beyond a simple transactional database.
Fireside Chat: Dev Ittycheria with Matt Turck
Matt Turck in a wide-ranging conversation with MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria on enterprise tech, open source, and Mongo's newest offering.
Trailblazers Talk with Dev Ittycheria, CEO MongoDB Inc
A discussion on what makes MongoDB unique in handling mission critical workloads.
What If It’s Trump?, An Update on MongoDB, An Interview with MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria
Interview with Dev Ittycheria covering Atlas, cross-cloud clusters, competing with AWS, and the company’s controversial license change.
Investment Memo
MongoDB (MDB) Stock Recommendation
Peter Offringa methodically details why MongoDB is an excellent software stack company.
Investment Memo
Albert announces USV's investment in 10gen and its fit with their overall investment thesis. 10gen would later rebrand to MongoDB.
Is 'New Stack' the Future of Business Software?
Morgan Stanley discusses custom software development as a competitive differentiator.
Cutting through the FUD on MongoDB
muji addresses Amazon's competing NoSQL product and explains why MongoDB is still the clear king of document databases.
What 10gen nailed with MongoDB
Calvin French-Owen describes how MongoDB built a product that developers fell in love with and a thriving community.