Released February 8th, 2022
Peter Chernin - Betting on Passion
Peter Chernin is the co-founder of The Chernin Group. We cover lessons learned from his time running News Corp and Fox, how he has been able to identify powerful secular tailwinds across his varied career, and his thesis of investing in content that people are passionate enough to pay for.
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Professional Investors
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Bob Pittman - Lessons from Building Media Empires
Bob Pittman has a storied career that includes running MTV, AOL, Six Flags, and is now the CEO of iHeartMedia. We cover his philosophy on the consumer, the lessons he learned while creating MTV, and the future of the media landscape with the abundance of user-generated content.
Jesse Jacobs - Content to Commerce
Jesse Jacobs and Mike Kerns are co-founders and partners at The Chernin Group. We cover how TCG identifies creators that they can help build businesses with, how companies should think about influencers and media today, and what creator space innovations they are excited for.
Niel Robertson - The Future of Media
Niel Robertson is the co-founder and CEO of We cover the current media landscape, the role the largest media platforms will play, and future opportunities in the industry.
AT&T Stankey & Chernin Discuss Mobile Entertainment: Keynote Conversation
Chernin discusses content creation and which platforms will change media with the CEO of AT&T
Peter Chernin: The Future of Digital Entertainment
Peter Chernin discussing the evolution of digital entertainment and how he sees it further evolving for the consumer in the future.
Peter Chernin: A Solo Success in Hollywood, Where Many Fizzle
A profile on Peter Chernin and his movie operations after leaving News Corp.
Breakdown of the Chernin Group Barstool Sports Acquisition
Mike Kerns and Dave Portnoy break down TCG's Barstool acquisition and provide insights into the last five years of business.
Where the Secret Weapon Behind Food52, Barstool Sports, and Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine is Investing Next
An overview of Peter Chernin's success at TCG building great content, commerce and community in media, plus where he is going next.
Anatomy of a Niche Publisher: Hodinkee Knows What Time It Is
A look at Hodinkee, one example of TCG's successful investment in a niche media company.
How Cameo Turned D-List Celebs Into a Monetization Machine
Chernin's investment in Cameo highlights new paths in modern media monetization.