Released March 8th, 2022
Garry Tan - Unwrapping the Gift
Garry Tan is the founder and managing partner of Initialized Capital. We cover what’s missing in the investment world, how to best systematize venture investments, and the most common bad ideas for startups.
Professional Investors
Venture Capital
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Brian Singerman - Investing in the Best Founders
Brian Singerman is a partner at the venture capital firm, Founders Fund. We cover what he looks for when evaluating early-stage startups, his gut-driven approach to investing, and how he allocates his time to founders and LPs.
Anu Hariharan - Lessons in Growth Investing
A discussion on growth stage businesses models, the most interesting international markets for tech start-ups, and the future.
Michael Seibel - Lessons from Thousands of Startups
Michael Seibel is a Partner at Y Combinator and the CEO of YC’s startup accelerator. We cover what he looks for in Y Combinator applicants, frameworks to identify problems worth solving as an entrepreneur, and what it feels like to find product-market fit.
Brian Armstrong - The Future of Crypto
Brian Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase. We cover the current state of the crypto industry, how crypto can build a more open financial system and bring more economic freedom to the world, and how he has built Coinbase into a company with 1000+ employees.
How YC Rewrote the Seed Playbook with Garry Tan
Explore how YC changed the game for company creation and seed investing and how they thought about building the "cult" of startups.
Instacart: Apoorva Mehta
Learn about the founding story of one of the most prominent companies Garry has backed, Instacart.
Garry Tan YouTube Page
Watch a wealth of content including founder interviews, startup advice, and other great topics.
Under The Hood: How Early-Stage Investor Initialized Spots Future Unicorns
When deciding whether or not to invest in a startup, Garry asks "Would we go work there?" This heuristic has identified multiple unicorns.
The Idea Maze
Explains why the best startup ideas are well-developed plans that contemplate many possible paths according to how the world changes.
Travel planning software: The most common bad startup idea
Garry's short post explaining why travel planning software leads to obscurity and is the worst kind of startup idea.
Nikola Tesla predicted the smartphone: Now the world is forming into a global brain
A post outlining the concept of the global brain and its inter connection with software and our linked world.