Released July 29th, 2021
Sebastian Mejia - Mastering On-Demand Convenience
Sebastian Mejia is the co-founder and president of Rappi. We cover the ways in which Rappi has balanced growth and unit economics, how fungibility is a key characteristic of any rewards program, and Sebastian's views of the value of brands in an increasingly app-based world.
Business Building
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Tony Xu - A Human and Math Problem
Tony Xu is the co-founder and CEO of DoorDash. We cover the origins of DoorDash, how to approach and solve difficult problems, and the leadership lessons he's learned from running DoorDash.
Anu Hariharan - Lessons in Growth Investing
A discussion on growth stage businesses models, the most interesting international markets for tech start-ups, and the future.
A deep dive into the history of China's super app that dominates its services economy.
The Growth of Latin America’s Superapp
A discussion with Rappi's Product Lead on how user creativity bred success for the company through Rappi's obsession with user feedback.
Interview with Simon Borrero
Anu Hariharan of YC talks with co-founder Simon Borrero on Rappi's early stages and what it took to get them to where they are today.
Human Side of Digital Delivery
A short video of Sebastian describing Rappi's product, the Latin American market, and more.
Sebastian Mejia: Building for Multi-Verticality in On-Demand
A transcript of a call with Sebastian that dives into Rappi's future in Latin America and its key strategies for growth.
Andrew Chen On Marketplaces
Andreessen Horowitz's Andrew Chen shares key considerations, crossroads, and predictions for online marketplaces.
Latin America Digital Transformation Report 2020
An overview of digital transformation in Latin America and emerging consumer trends.
The Economics of Customer Businesses
Learn how to value a business based on the present value of its existing and future customers.