Released July 22nd, 2022
Fonz - Tokenproof: Crypto’s Gatekeeper
Fonz is the founder of Tokenproof. We cover his story and what led to the development of his technology, how artists/athletes/celebrities could game fame, and the future of ApeFest and other events like it.
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Colossus Research
Web3 Breakdowns Research: Tokenproof
Learn about the founding and business of Tokenproof in this report, prepared ahead of Eric's conversation with Fonz.
Alex Danco - Tokengated Commerce
Alex Danco works on systems and crypto at Shopify. We cover why Shopify is investing in tokengated commerce, why this concept hasn’t been more widely adopted, and the differences between someone's identity and a token holder.
Reed McGinley-Stempel - The Passport of the Internet
Reed McGinley-Stempel is the co-founder and CEO of Stytch. We cover the history of online passwords, how Stytch is trying to eliminate passwords, and the power of using Ethereum to sign on to any website.
Devin Finzer - An Everything Store for Digital Assets
Devin Finzer is the co-founder and CEO of OpenSea. We cover OpenSea's origin story, how Devin differentiates between the spectrum of NFTs in the market, and what he sees as the major risks and opportunities in the future of the industry.
Jarrod Dicker - Investing in Passion
Jarrod Dicker is a Partner at The Chernin Group. We cover the evolution of the media industry, the blindspots of the web3 space that should be discussed, and thoughts on the shift from renting to owning.
Jasmine Maietta - round21: Helping Athletes & Artists Build Brands
Jasmine Maietta is the founder of round21. We cover how round21 was able to collaborate with large brands so early, how she builds a digital-physical model around goods, and why it’s so important to speak the same language as your partner.
Proof of Ownership & Identity with Tokenproof Founder & CEO, Fonz
Fonz discusses how Tokenproof came to be, other potential use cases, their biggest learnings from NFT NYC and future paths to monetization.
Protecting Your NFTs with Fonz from Tokenproof
Fonz discusses his background, how Tokenproof was created, how it works, their plans, and building in web3.
Tokengated Commerce
Alex Danco describes how blockchain and NFTs enable developers to build new shopping experiences for consumers.
NFT Canon
A curated list of readings and resources from a16z on all things NFTs.