Released May 20th, 2021
Peter Reinhardt - Learning How to Sell
Peter Reinhardt is the co-founder and CEO of Segment, a market-leading customer data platform. We cover the lessons Peter has learned throughout his journey running Segment, why revenue operations is an underrated aspect of any business, and the current data use trends.
Business Building
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Ro Nagpal - Twilio: Messaging, Margins, and Markets
A breakdown of Twilio's unique approach to distribution and why Twilio's revenue model aligns incentives with its customers.
Chetan Puttagunta - Go Slow to Go Fast: Software Building and Investing
A conversation on how to implement empathy-led software product development and build an effective recruiting pipeline.
Video's VP of Business on How to Succeed in Sales
An interview with Raphael Parker about his background, how Segment grew their sales organization, and the keys to success in sales.
Simple Math to Set Up a Sales Team
A blog post that provides simple rules that SaaS founders can use who are looking to build a sales team for the first time.
The Cadence
David Sacks outlines the operating philosophy he developed at PayPal and applied to scale his unicorn SaaS venture, Yammer.
Segment: The Yin to Twilio's Yang
An analysis of Twilio's acquisition of Segment and how the two services provide a holistic solution to manage customer relationships.
How should your RevOps org be structured?
An overview of how a company could set up their revenue operations organization from the ground up.
What Technology Wants
This book introduces a view of technology as not just a jumble of wires and metal but a living organism that has it's own set of needs.