Released June 15th, 2021
Matthew Harrison, Jason Kelly - Moderna: The Software of Life
Jason Kelly is the CEO of Gingko Bioworks and Matthew Harrison is a biotech analyst at Morgan Stanley. We cover the history of programming cells, what differentiates Moderna from other biotech companies, and lessons for entrepreneurs and investors can takeaway from Moderna's story.
Public Equity
Business Building
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Understanding mRNA. Conversations with Moderna and Arcturus Therapeutics
Interviews with the CEOs of Moderna and Arcturus Therapeutics respectively about mRNA technology and its possibilities for the future.
Moderna Digital White Paper
A review of the factors that have both driven and enabled Moderna to be fully digital and its importance for future drug development.
How mRNA Vaccines Work
An overview of mRNA vaccines and how they work to kickstart our immune response to a virus.
Future Trends in Synthetic Biology
A report highlighting the potential of synthetic biology to deliver new solutions to problems in a number of different industries.
What if mRNA Could Be a Drug?
A Ted Talk by the Moderna CEO from 2013 describing mRNA and the potential use cases of the technology as a drug.
The Machine That Made the Vaccine: Company, Platform, Innovation
Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel tells the story of not just the vaccine’s development, but the machine that made the vaccine.
The story of mRNA
The history of mRNA technology and how the once dismissed idea became the leading technology in the Covid vaccine race.
Moderna and BioNTech are Changing Pharma with Drastically Different Business Models
A look into the Moderna and BioNTech business models that represent two possible paths forward as pharma enters a new era of medicine.
Financial Model
Moderna Financial Model
Explore Moderna's financials with Canalyst's in-depth quantitative model.