Released December 1st, 2021
Bill Doyle - Novocure: Using Physics to Fight Cancer
Bill Doyle is the Executive Chairman of Novocure. We cover the state of cancer treatment, Novocure's innovative new approach, and unique way they've structured their business model.
Business Building
Public Equity
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Nikita Singareddy - Investing in the Future of Healthcare
Raju Rishi, Nikita Singareddy, and Jason Black are investors at NYC-based early-stage VC, RRE Ventures. We discuss their focus on healthcare investing, the different stakeholders in the healthcare value chain, and the impact COVID has had on the industry.
Treating cancer with electric fields
Bill Doyle presents a new approach to fighting cancer — using electric fields to interrupt cancer cell division.
OPTUNE wearable device by Novocure
A visualization of how the OPTUNE wearable device uses electric fields to divide and destroy cancer cells.
Tumor Treating Fields: At the Crossroads Between Physics and Biology for Cancer Treatment
Researchers at Johns Hopkins break down TTFields through the lens of physics and biology and survey its current use as a cancer therapy.
Tumour treating fields therapy for glioblastoma: current advances and future directions
A review of the current understanding of the mechanisms by which TTFields fight cancer and a summary of current clinical trials.
Treating a tumor or the like with an electric field that is focused at a target region
Yoram Palti's patent application for focusing an electric field at a target region to treat a tumor.
Novocure’s Tumor Treating Fields: Innovative brain cancer therapy with survival and safety benefits
Uri Weinberg provides a detailed timeline and overview of TTFields, current clinical trials, and ample references for further research.