Released May 6th, 2021
James Reinhart - Lessons in Process Power
James Reinhart is the founder and CEO of thredUP an online thrift marketplace. We cover the competitive advantages of building processing plants from the ground up, how thredUP went from negative gross margins to strong unit economics, and the future of retail.
Business Building
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Dustin Moskovitz - Eliminating Work About Work
An insightful discussion on the nature of knowledge work, productivity, aligning teams towards a common goal, and philanthropy.
Katrina Lake - The Next Wave of E-commerce
A fascinating discussion on the future of fashion, retail and e-commerce.
Michael Mayer - Pseudonymous Social Capital and Bottomless
A discussion on crafting your own information diet and creating value by making key things legible to computers and machines.
Fashion on Climate
A comprehensive analysis on the fashion industry’s effect on the planet, and recommendations for the future.
Competitive Strategy
Michael Porter's classic business strategy book.
The Innovation Stack
Learn how the problem-solution-problem chain creates a series of interlocking inventions, which can be a powerful business asset.
The Startup Way
Eric Ries' guidebook on creating an entrepreneurial and innovative culture inside mature businesses.