Released August 3rd, 2022
Christian Billinger - The Wolf in Cashmere’s Conglomerate
Christian Billinger is the chairman of Billinger Förvaltnings. We cover the paradox between scarcity and scale in the luxury industry, analyze some of LVMH's high profile acquisitions, and delve into the history of its maverick CEO.
Public Equity
Professional Investors
Business Building
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Colossus Research
LVMH Research
Read our research on LVMH's history, business model, and competitive position.
Ben Clymer - Rolex: Timeless Excellence
Ben Clymer is the founder and executive chairman of HODINKEE. We cover the fascinating history of Rolex, the mechanics of the luxury watch market, and how Rolex marries manufacturing and marketing excellence to separate it from other brands.
Chris Bloomstran - What Makes a Quality Company
Chris Bloomstran is the president and chief investment officer of Semper Augustus Investments Group. We cover what makes for a quality business, discuss examples of quality businesses, and take a deep dive into Berkshire Hathaway.
Chris Bloomstran - Berkshire Hathaway: The Incomparable Compounder
Chris Bloomstran is the President and CIO of Semper Augustus. We cover the specific elements that make Berkshire special, what it has taught the world about float, and why it's unlikely any business can replicate Berkshire's success.
Former LVMH Exec Pauline Brown on Building Better Brands
A conversation about the evolution of luxury brands in a changing retail landscape and the lessons learned from overseeing LVMH's portfolio.
Luis Freitas, Moet Hennessy
An exploration of the unique marketing challenges faced by the alcohol and spirits industry.
Bernard Arnault: Full Q&A
A Q&A session with Bernard Arnault centred on the LVMH's innovation strategy and personal investment philosophy.
Alexandre Arnault: Full Q&A
Alexandre speaks about his upbringing, the dynamics of family-owned businesses, the acquisition of Tiffany, and LVMH’s long-term strategy.
Alexandre Arnault, CEO of RIMOWA
Alexandre discusses taking over RIMOWA, reshaping the brand, and expanding its global presence while maintaining its focus on sustainability
LVMH: The Civil Savage
Details Arnault's journey to become the king of luxury through the creation of star brands and perfecting LVMH's supply chain.
Little Book of Louis Vuitton: The Story of the Iconic Fashion House
A brief guide to the transformational history of Louis Vuitton from a luggage company to a global high-fashion label.
The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands
An outline of the unique strategic and branding considerations involved when building and marketing luxury brands.